Timing Considerations of Bankruptcy

Katherine: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining us on, This Needs To Be Said, as we talk with our friend and bankruptcy attorney right here on, This Needs To Be Said, Ron Drescher. He’s going to help us understand this world of bankruptcy because it’s not the bad word that we thought it […]

Ron Drescher Talks About Student Loans

Katherine: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining us on This Needs to be Said. We have an attorney with us today, Mr. Ronald Drescher, and he’s going to talk with us about one of the biggest topics even right now during this election season, is money for school or how to pay money […]

Federal Foreclosures Offer Flexibility At A Price

Foreclosures are amongst the most local kind of law there is: every state and county has its own procedure for allowing lien creditors the right to force a sale of property to pay down the debts secured by the real property in its jurisdiction. In judicial foreclosure states, the note holder files a lawsuit asking […]

The Home Mortgage Reaffirmation Trap

This is a difficult question to answer because reaffirmation defeats the whole point of most bankruptcy cases, which is to obtain a discharge of your debt.  By reaffirming any given debt, even though you’ve received a discharge in bankruptcy the reaffirmed debt survives discharge and if you default later you can be sued, the creditor […]


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