Our Staff

Katherine Loverde
This is Katherine Loverde, she’s an associate in my office. She knows almost everybody at the Courthouse and she helps our clients feel at ease during their meetings with the trustee. She’s a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law and when a package comes into the office from Amazon it’s probably for Katherine.

Cyndi Maddox
Cyndi Maddox will be the paralegal who will help you get your filing documents together and get your case filed. You should expect to hear from her to continue to collect paystubs, bank statements and other documents. She feeds all the cats in her neighborhood so she’s never lonely.

Jeanine Crawford
Jeanine Crawford is the paralegal who will help you interact with your creditors, the trustee and the court. She will help you keep your car, change the date of your trustee meeting, and take care of any changes that will need to take place after your meeting in a Chapter 7 case. She will be familiar with your case and can answer any questions you may have. Jeanine is studying criminal justice and is almost done with her degree.

Karen Herb
Karen Herb is the paralegal who will help you confirm your plan in your Chapter 13 case. She will help you with follow ups after your trustee meeting, gather additional information that the trustee has requested and file the motions and plan amendments that are necessary parts of most Chapter 13 cases. Karen is pursuing an active second career in nutritional studies.

Keesha is the first voice you hear when you call our office. She will make sure that you get reminders of your appointments, that all the payments go through (and calls to thank you!) and make you feel very much at home when you talk with our firm. Keesha’s two children won gold and silver in their school science fairs this year!